It’s funny the way things work out. Friday afternoon I expected to leave school, have a bitchin’ weekend with friends, and return to elementary school as a Fifth grade Teacher’s Aid bright and early Monday morn.

When morning came on this much-too-early Sunday, I woke up with the hopes of starting a new job in the next couple weeks. A few phone calls later and by noon, my flights we’re booked.

I’m currently waiting at the gate at Los Angeles Int’l Airport to board a near midnight flight to Guatemala City to make stops in Cincinnati, OH and Atlanta, GA. These early morning hours are the ones during which god only knows why I can never catch a snooze on the plane.

I’m going to head down to Guatemala for two weeks to tell stories with the help of my trusty camera, film equipment, and select team members of the young, New York based nonprofit, Pencils of Promise. This organization and I have been in touch and in dialogue for many weeks now. From my end, I have been trying to show them why I can fill their need for a “badass digital storyteller,” and now this persistence has come to a head: I begin herein the form of a stint in Central America. We shall see what happens henceforth. I can sense this is only the beginning.

This is another case of everything seeming to happen for a reason. And hopefully this is a lesson to everyone out there who continues to pursue opportunities across the urban and suburban spaces that span the globe. I waited until the right thing, couldn’t get a restaurant job for the life of me, and took as much personal time as possible. And then there were two stops and twelve hours later until ¬°Guate!

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