Its Fifth Grade, on the After School basketball court: they used to call me the Bus Driver, because I could take you to School! It had nothing to do with being 5’2” / 180 pounds and wore Husky sizes + Big Dog




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modi! I had a band freshman year of high school called Channel Zero. I didn’t know we made merch! we played AC/DC at a school dance once. and for halloween sophomore year I broke my Telecaster by swinging it around my neck during a cover of Seven Nation Army. though no one saw into the open garage of the drummer’s house where we we made our stage that rainy Halloween night.

If I had the creative power - as well as the group of friends who wore egregious amounts of Patagonia clothing regularly - I am confident my caché of photographs from years past would compile a more-than-complete look book for Patagonia gear. Luckily, I have Wolfie. Chris Wolf E. Staudinger brought me out of the Patagonia Upper West Side shop for a week and flew me down to Mississippi a couple weeks ago, to film and capture the goings-on of a five day canoe paddle down the Lower Mississippi RIver. And he wears the Patagonia well. 

Below is a selected smattering of photographs from Clarksdale to Vicksburg, MS on our nation’s largest river, documenting the lives of some favorite Patagonia pieces as if they rode a wave of celebrity in a fall featurette or fashion look book.

Wolfie and I wearing what we call our “camping pants,” which are matching pairs of Capilene 3 bottoms. What’s fortuitous and special about this coincidence is the beautiful fact that we purchased these as preventative measure for the Boston cold in fall of 2007 - both of us transplants to college in New England. Nearly seven years later they show themselves as a subtle memory, time capsuled in snug, brown, synthetic long johns for canoeing, camping, and celebrating many years of friendship.

N.B. Items featured:

Merino 1 t-shirt

Capilene 1 L/S Flying Fish Logo crew (S9)

Capilene 3 bottoms (F7)

Capilene 4 beanie (F13)

Micro-D gaiter (F13)

R1 headband

Murrelet Fleece Shirt (F12)

M’s Ultralight Down Hooded sweater (F12)

M’s Fitz Roy Down Vest 


» Mapping the Lower Mississippi Water Trail

Monday marks the last leg of the Rivergator paddle. Film to come.

Flew down to Charleston, SC this past weekend to shoot the look book for Amanda Greeley’s Tink + Tiger women’s nightwear line. Garments made of organic cotton and silk, and in Brooklyn.






Riley, Opening Ceremony NY.
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